How to customize hoverboard auto-balance scooter

A custom made hoverboard is a platform with two wheels and two spaces to put your feet, which works with a rechargeable lithium battery. Thanks to it, this machine can travel at a speed exceeding 10 kilometers per hour. Inside, a series of sensors called gyroscopes capture variations in the weight of the person driving it, and maintain balance.

The movement is controlled with the feet, pressing forward, backward or sideways, depending on where you want to move. 

The technology used to operate is the same as that used on hoverboard segway customized handlebar platforms, used in shopping centers, such as tourist transport or by the Police. Driving one of these two-wheel electric scooters is much simpler than it seems. Just take the body forward to move forward, throw it back to slow down and go backward, and change the weight from one leg to another to turn.

hoverboard auto-balance scooter
How to customize hoverboard

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How to customize hoverboard auto-balance scooter

Things like surfboards, skateboards, car caps, etc.; it can shout hoverboard messages from your personality to the world. Most people who own a self-balancing scooter are not likely to use it indoors but may take it with them to better interact with friends and family.

Especially imagine a hoverboard that looks unique on many other nano scooters. Few things you should know about how to customize a hoverboard.

  • For around $ 20, you can create very attractive custom designs for self-balancing scooters. 
  • Get some stickers or stickers, X-Acto knives (for these exact cuts, this is brand by the way) and designer adhesive tape.
  • The end of the list, the adhesive hoverboard tape, is the magic source. The same type of adhesive tape, unlike most other stationery stores, replaces expensive designer stickers and provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • From debris to sand, nano scooters can be scratched. With a custom scooter, you can not only make yourself unique but also give the design your own hoverboard with flawless coating.
  • The boards are much curved and you cannot get the vinyl wrap you would use in a car. It does not bend to design. Time and money are wasted.
  • Design adhesive tape is an excellent option. While the decals are applied to the wide protection of the tire next to the footpad, the adhesive tape can be applied to other parts of the hoverboard to give the soul a unique look.
hoverboard auto-balance scooter
How to customize hoverboard
  • Bend the tape properly around the sharp edge near the tire bumper (or protector). You can then choose to continue designing the bumper tape or wear a protector sticker so that the section is not incompletely visible. This is the only difficult part. That is, cut long enough to bend correctly above and below the pointed point above.
  • Apply adhesive tape on a custom painted hoverboard to the charger ports and other technical points and use an X-Acto knife (easy and accurate cut) to cut out the neat space before applying. This makes the decoration easy.
  • There are good reasons to use the same masking tape pattern to get a uniform design look. Therefore, tape lines do not overlap. Needless to say, multiple patterns can seem strange and unprofessional.
  • For the overall bottom design, start with the wheels and work towards the center axis of the board. Additional adhesive tape remaining in the center and hoverboard with wheels area can be cut with an X-Acto knife. Cutting them can cause you to get stuck on wheels and axles while driving your scooter.
  • For lights (the lights turn on when you press the pad), completely cover and then cut. It is difficult to determine the exact shape of the light using only the edges of the X-Acto knife. Be careful; do not damage the light during the process.
  • There are no ready-made masks that can be used on commercial self-balancing scooters. Therefore, there are only paint job options that can be tedious and expensive, especially if you want to repaint your scooter. 
  • Decoration also helps to hide existing scratches on used hoverboards, while reducing the effects of futures. If the board gets stuck on a rough surface, the tape will easily peel off. However, it is cheap, replaceable and attractive, because it is preferably an adhesive tape of the same design pattern. 


The specifications vary by model, but the maximum weight with which they work is usually 120 kilos. They reach a speed of between 12 and 18 km / h. With the battery fully charged, they can travel a distance between 15 and 45 km, depending on the person and the type of terrain. 

Typically, the recharge time is between one and two hours, but models with greater autonomy may require up to six. The speed that the scooter can reach and the autonomy it offers are essential aspects when choosing a model or another. 

The weight of your hoverboard is also important, because not all the time you will be on it, but you will have to load it. If it weighs more than 12-15 kilos, look for one that includes a bag to carry it. You also can design your own hoverboard.

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