How Much Money Does A Hoverboard Cost

If there’s one thought that ran through everybody’s minds when they saw that legendary ‘Back to the Future 2’ scene, it’s this one: How cool would it be to ride that hovering thingy! – And indeed, how cool would it be and of course – how much does a hoverboard cost?

Well, with the hoverboards making it big on the market, now we can actually measure the coolness factor. But, how much money are hoverboards? No more the stuff of the Sci-Fi mythos, the self-balancing scooters are here, now, and readily available for purchase on Amazon. – But aren’t they costly? The future often is. So, how much is a hoverboard?

They were costly indeed when they used to blow up on people for no reason. Now with the introduction of UL 2272 safety standard, answer to How much are hoverboards is pretty simple: paying $300 – $600 for a solid, and above all, safe unit, doesn’t seem too much, especially considering the goodies that the price for each of them includes. Let’s quickly run through many of the hoverboards available on Amazon and see if their price is indeed justified. But before we do, please note that all of the boards mentioned here come with LED lights and are UL certified, meaning that they’re perfectly safe for driving.

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10. Hoverzon S


This hoverboard can be considered as the little brother of Hoverzon XLS. Even though they feature the same design, the S model is a bit smaller and features 6.5-inch wheels.

Feature-wise, this little fella is equipped with LED battery indicators, non slip foot pedals and a total of 2 riding modes; one for beginners and one for more experienced hoverboard users.

When it comes to its specifications, it doesn’t provide you with anything special. That is, of course, to be expected from a hoverboard that costs as little as $350, which is just a fraction of the price top-quality hoverboards tend to have. Still, the Hoverzon S is able to provide you with 11 miles of riding on a full charge. Combine that with its top speed of 8mph (same as more expensive models) and you’ll see that this model is actually a pretty good bang for the buck. If you’re wondering how much does a hoverboard cost, click the link below :


9. Swagtron T5


If you’re looking for a relatively affordable hoverboard for sale and one of your main questions is “how much is a hoverboard”, then T5 might be just for you. If you are looking for a great hoverboard for your little ones and you are not willing to spend a lot of money on it, then Swagtron T5 could be the right one for you.

In comparison to T3 and T1, it has given up some of its extra features such as LED lights and built-in Bluetooth speakers. But, it has a significantly lower price tag to it which means it’s affordable to a bigger audience.

Primarily aimed at children, this little fella’s carrying load is a bit less than what we’re used to seeing with other (more expensive) models. T5 can carry roughly 80kg (cca 185lbs) which should be more than enough to suit your kids (or even you, for that matter). It has a top speed of 7mph which is not too bad, although we would like to see a bit more torque on it. Moving on to its battery, it can last up to an hour meaning you’ll get around 7 miles per charge.


8. Skque I1


I1 along with X1 are the 2 newest additions to Skque’s lineup of excellent hoverboards. They breathe with quality and both feature great (although similar designs). Alongside the exceptional build quality, the I1 can brag about its UL 2272 certificate which proves it won’t catch on fire or cause any damage to your or your property.

When compared to some of the previous Skque’s devices, I1 has an improved motherboard with state-of-the-art gyro sensors that provide you with the ultimate control over your hoverboard. In other words, this little fella is really responsive and first-time users will have no problems with the controls after a bit of practice.

Moreover, its powerful 400W (200W each) motors provide it with enough juice to ride comfortably up to 7 mph. The 44000mAh battery is no joke either, being able to last up to 12 miles on a single full charge.


7. Skque X1


Skque X1 is one of the best hoverboards when it comes to price/performance ratio. Competitively priced at roughly $400 to $500 (depending on the wheel size), it provides a great bang for your buck. It comes in 3 different sizes, 6.5, 8 and 10-inch versions are available for purchase, with the 10-inch version being the most expensive one (who would’ve guessed, eh?).

All respective versions possess LED lights and top quality Bluetooth speakers that will make you the coolest dude in your neighborhood for sure.

Moving on to its specifications, you’ll be happy to find out it’s nothing short of awesome here as well. It takes roughly 90 minutes to fully charge this sucker, and that full charge will last you up to 12 miles or cca 20 kilometers. Its powerful 700W motors (350W each) allow it to travel at a decent speed of up to 8mph, which is somewhere along with the industry standard. And finally, when we look at everything mentioned above, we believe it is pretty clear that Skque X1 is definitely worth checking out.


6. Hoverzon XLS


Another great hoverboard that’s ideal for all of you wondering how much are hoverboards, doing everything in its power to justify the somewhat heftier sum needed for it. XLS comes packed with everything we mentioned so far: Bluetooth speakers, anti-slip pedals, Hoverzon app, you name it!

The company even added a twist to the established formula and made a good climber of its board. XLS is the best-in-class angle rider, tackling looped streets seamlessly. The formula is further bettered by the introduction of the Aegis armor, the added protection of the battery inside.

You really can’t go wrong with XLS. The design may be an issue for someone, but if you’re OK with its simplistic look, its features can only amaze you.


5. Swagtron T1


Two Swagtrons follow, each hitting the different price ranges. T1 is the cheaper of the two, it costs $400 on Amazon. T1 marked the company’s entry into the UL certification paradise, and they wanted to enter there in style.

That’s why T1 entertains some really fascinating features, particularly considering its price tag. It’s one of the speediest hoverboards out there while being on the lighter side. Swagtron also took note of safety and built a multi-layered casing around the battery that’ll keep it off the flames. The motor under the hood is powerful; at 33-watts, it is capable of some truly nasty stunts.

T1 is a great, well-rounded package. It appeals most to those who don’t want to pay handsome sums for their hoverboard, while at the same time not compromising on some of the most important features.


4. Swagtron T3


It’s not only the price that has changed, but looks did also, too. T3 is an upgraded, completely redesigned version of T1, with the price tag of $500, not completely undeserved.

T3 is for those that find T1 lacking in versatility. The cores being the same, what makes T3 stand out are the added features. The most notable among them is the inclusion of the Bluetooth speakers, the perfect solution for all your music problems. Carrying strap is what should’ve been included in the T1 package, but wasn’t. If T1 was more of a general user ride, T3 is anything but. Sure, newbies can ride it, but it’d a shame not to squeeze every ounce of power that the unit offers. We’re talking about the third driving mode, the advanced, one suitable for expert users only. The last differentiating feature is the inclusion of the Swagtron app, through which a better battery monitoring effect is achieved.

There’s a hundred dollar difference between the two models, and the decision has to come down to whether the inclusion of the Bluetooth speakers is worth it. No disrespect to other upgrades.


3. Powerboard by Hoverboard


The lowest-priced unit on our list, Powerboard is and has been for some time, the best-selling self-balancing segway on the market. You aren’t exactly be pinching pennies for it, but its price of $350 seems all but fair by today’s technology standards.

It is affordable, yes, but the cuts did make it into the driving experience; this board, in terms of the overall experience is as good as any and has perhaps the best smooth acceleration yet. It’s not the fastest by any means, nor was it meant to be. The speed of 7mph is decent enough, and what makes it stand out is its long battery life that’s last for hours on a single charge. It’ll recharge relatively quickly too, an hour at most.

And it’s sturdy. Very much so in fact. This can both be a good and a bad thing, depending on what kind of a user you are. If you value mobility more than endurance, then the weight of 30lbs is perhaps the biggest tradeoff of the Powerboard.


2. Razor Hovetrax 2.0


Moving up the pricing scale, we come to Hovetrax 2.0, the faster and better version of the previous Hovetrax. Its biggest selling point is that it’s made by a company of some repute, Razor, who’ve been into scooters ever since these became popular. That, and the affordable price. Hovetrax will cost you $350 on Amazon.

Out of all hoverboards mentioned here, Razor’s is the one most suitable for children, as it comes with a myriad of safety measures to accompany the all-important UL certification. Besides different modes of driving, Razor introduced the new EverBalance system that’ll make balancing much easier for both newcomers and expert balancers alike. Anti-slip foot pads only add to the overall great safety package.

The battery life its biggest issue. Averaging only 60 minutes of driving time and taking up to 2 hours to fully recharge, it’s in the lower category as far as the numbers go. Also, the speed. It tops at 6 mph, but we’re willing to cut Razor some slack here. After all, Hovetrax 2.0 is primarily aimed to be enjoyed by the kids. So, the reputable company, good build quality, and safety are the reasons to go for this one.


1. EpikGo


This all-terrain hoverboard is a bit pricey (cca $700) but provides you with the ultimate hoverboard experience across all departments. Not only is it bulky meaning you’ll have no problems with stability or prolonged usage, but its also extremely agile.

It features a smart battery made by LG which has, together with the hoverboard itself, passed the UL 2272 testing and earned the certificate. The battery along with the powerful dual motors enables to hoverboard to perform greatly time and time again. With its top speed going slightly over 10mph, we believe it’s pretty clear that the EpikGo is no joke. LG made sure its battery is outstanding, and it sure is. It’s capable of running for more than an hour, effectively delivering up to 12 miles on a single full charge. Another great thing about the battery is the fact it possesses fast charging technology which allows it to be fully charged in less than 2 hours. how awesome is that?


What to Look For In a Hoverboard?

Different users need different things, but there are some general rules that apply to all. First, go for a trusted company. Hoverboards being relatively new to the transportation device scene, everybody wants a share of the market, which results in many cheap, low-quality units being produced every day.

Secondly, make no compromise on safety; the UL Certification, along with a few extras, is a must.

Next, keep the price under $600. You really don’t need a $1000 hoverboard when any of the above can do the job just fine, better it in certain respects.

But most importantly, go for the feel. Sure, battery life matters, speed does too, but what ultimately prevails is whether the ride is fun.

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