Overview of Best Hoverboards You Can Buy Today

If you’ve ever pondered the future, chances are there were a few things you expected. Flying cars, miracle medicine, and perhaps the most enticing of the bunch: hoverboards. Ever since they cropped in the classic sci-fi comedy Back to the Future, the idea of zipping through sidewalks on a floating piece of super-tech has enticed thousands of minds.

Sadly, the reality was less than willing to bend towards the imagination. Defying gravity, fun as it sounds simply isn’t possible with current technology. But, even though we can’t yet defy a fundamental law of the universe, this hasn’t stopped creative inventors from creating something a bit similar. The hoverboards of today don’t float, no, but are styled with a similar principle: traversing paths in comfort on a mobile, speedy piece of technology.

The modern hoverboard is like an electric skateboard. Instead of riding vertically though, it carries the person in question like they would on a scooter. Using powerful motorized wheels (Hoverboards with wheels), a person is free to ride about at a swift, easy pace without needing to use leg momentum. Who needs running when you’ve got a self-balancing scooter for sale?

Let’s check some amazing hoverboard under 100$

Before starting, we also want to assure our readers that all hoverboards for sale on this list are approved with the UL 2722 safety certificate. In a nutshell, this certification proves a hoverboard was properly tested for personal safety and free of any defaulting parts. As you might imagine, moving about on a hands-free electronic board came with a series of health risks, with some even reporting small electronic explosions with their hardware.

Needless to say, safety is a huge concern, so any board without the certification won’t be listed. Naturally, if you’re interested then only the best of the best will suit you. So, for your convenience, we’ve put together a list of the best-rated hoverboards around, though it’s worth noting this is a new and evolving market. As such, options are limited, but still quality in choice.

With that out of the way, let’s get started with amazing hoverboards that you can buy today.

7. Skque X1


The Skque (or sometimes under different brand names) is our next pick and gets pretty close to the “off-road” category. For the most part, the entries so far have either been for personal fun or rather niche, versus dedicated travel. The Skque is the first self-balancing scooter for sale that has commuters in mind.

This is because the big feature here is the wheel size. They range all the way from 6.5 to 8 and even 10 inches, which is an absolute must for stability. The larger the wheel size, the better a hoverboard can handle rough terrain like grass, gravel, hills, and so on.

Other entries perform well enough, but small wheels don’t work well on tumultuous surfaces, so if you’re trying to get somewhere at a brisk pace, the Skque X1 is a good choice.

It also self-balances with auto-adjusting motors and systems, which comes in handy considering the board can reach speeds up to 10 mph. Essentially, you’ve got a quick, stable platform to get to and from your destinations that won’t rattle if it hits a bump or two. Ideally then, it’s for those who would consider getting to places like work on a daily basis.

Since the board is 10 inches in width, it’s not a compact, so there might be some hang-ups with carrying it around. However, with its distance, durability, and speed, this is a solid choice for outdoor use.


6. Swagtron T5


Our next entry is probably the most kid-friendly of the picks. This is because it’s designed for ease of use and has a relatively low entry price, compared to its predecessors, the Swagtron T1 and T3. So if you’re looking to get a hi-tech gift for the kids without hurdling several hundred dollars at once, the Swagtron T5 is a good start.

Despite being oriented for children, this hoverboard certainly packs in a series of solid features. Truth be told, the manufacturers had to give up some of the more fancy features such as LED lights (Hoverboards with LED Lights) and built-in Bluetooth speakers (Hoverboards with speakers) to compensate for the price, but still, T5 offers a whole lot of fun to everyone.

Young riders will have an easier time learning the complexities of hoverboard control with grip pressure pads, preventing them from taking the occasional fall.

Specification-wise, this little fella’s top speed clocks in at around 7mph. Combine that with 7-mile riding range and a competitive price of only $250… We are sure that you’ll understand why is it such a popular choice for first-time hoverboard users.




The fourth hoverboard pick is an interesting model since it’s one of the first parts of the “new wave” of hoverboard releases. This is in reference to when the safety certificate did not exist, and first models didn’t have the usual smart-system and adjustment improvements so commonly featured with our choices.

But as far as new versions go, this one was certainly designed with the “exploding battery” panic in mind. The biggest feature from the HOVERZON S is its “aegis armored” battery seal. Essentially, there’s an extra layer of protection around the lithium-ion battery, doubling down on assuring nobody gets hurt from an explosive malfunction.

The HOVERZON also offers a few extra stability features. Aside from gear stabilization, users can switch between two-speed settings. This can be helpful when trying to get used to a hoverboard since even at 8mph, a hands-free electric scooter poses plenty of balance challenges.

As far as performance, the HOVERZON gets to about 8mph and can handle a good several hours of run time. One thing that’s interesting to note though is how it handles the weight.

Most hoverboards have a general capacity of 220-230 lbs, but oddly, some have reported the HOVERZON has stability problems with lighter users (generally young children). This is probably a minor issue at best and can be solved with a few adjustments, but something to certainly keep in mind.

We’ll lastly point out that while there’s protection for the battery, there is a lack of feedback with the board. Users report there’s no indicator of how much charge the battery has, so it’s not recommended to leave it plugged in overnight (or risk overuse of said battery). So long as users mind this, however, the board performs well and is completely safe.

4. Swagtron T1


Next up is the Swagtron T1, designed with the “rule of cool” in mind. Though, we can’t guarantee you’ll gain any street cred riding around on it.

Likely referred to as “Swagtron” because of the extended chrome hubcaps on the wheels, this device will get you relatively far at a brisk speed. It boasts a pace of about 8 mph terrain depending, relying on a dual lithium-ion battery for power. At a strength of 300 watts, you can expect to get at least 12 miles of distance before needing a recharge, which according to the vendor, takes roughly 2-3 hours.

It also utilizes smart sensors to indicate how things are doing. Does it need a charge, is there damage, does the motor need replacing, etc? Certainly good to know rather than taking some guesswork if you’re a way out in travel.

It comes in a series of robust, bright colors and sports self-balancing, so it’s oriented towards beginners and kids looking to add some style in their commute. They’ll accomplish the “drive” through pressurized, rubber pads which allow for speed and turn control, with a little grip to make sure no one’s taking a nasty dive. It weighs 32 pounds and has a 220 lbs. carrying capacity. A nice gift for those looking to jump into the world of electric scooters.

3. Powerboard by HOVERBOARD


Our first on the list is the Powerboard by the aptly named “HOVERBOARD.” Available in several colors, the Powerboard is one of the industry standards in a slowly growing market. By that we mean it’s tried and tested among the various models currently available to consumers.

The Powerboard boasts ease of control and smooth-riding as its primary attributes. This is good when combined with its top speed of about 10 km per hour, though the latter will likely vary based on terrain and weight. It accomplishes these stable speeds by utilizing pressure pads for control, where the rider can press down based on the speed they desire, as well as the direction they want to go in.

It’s also paired with high-power LED lights, though we don’t recommend scooting around at dark hours. On top of this, the device is backed with a 1-year warranty in case there are problems, and purchasers also have the option to add an extended protection warranty for a few hundred dollars more. Lastly, the total weight for the board is about 25 lbs., with a max carrying capacity of 225 lbs. or so.

For those looking to get the Powerboard, it’s worth noting to read the directions for charge and control carefully to make sure there are no hang-ups in the future.


2. Razor Hovertrax 2.0


Cutting in at third in the list of best hoverboards for sale is the Razor Hovertrax, a “smart” scooter utilizing auto-balance features. There’s really no downside to automatic adjustments while coasting along, so it’s already a strong component to the board.

Like the entries previous, the Razor works in a similar fashion. Pressurized sensors on the board allow for speed and turn adjustments, accompanied by the Razor’s “EverBalance”. The latter, as you might have guessed, alters the motorized wheels based on terrain.

As for performance, the Razor operates on a 350-watt motor and chargeable lithium-ion battery. If things are steady, users can expect to reach about 8 mph in performance speed.

Assuming they are going the max reachable speed at a continuous rate, this gives them about an hour of battery life. Certainly a small downside, considering our previous entries can get up to 2, but not the worst thing. And realistically, for most scenarios, one probably won’t max the battery out in a single setting.

Out of our picks so far, it’s absolutely worth noting that Razor was one of the flagship brands to introduce smart hoverboards into the market. Not only that, the Hovertrax brand was the first to receive the UL 2722 safety certification.

In other words, anyone looking to have dependable hardware with the best safety settings should giving this one a look. As for capacity, expect the Razor to weigh at 27 lbs. with a carrying capacity of 220 lbs. similar to the others.


1. EpikGo


Another great choice for first-time hoverboard users is surely the EpikGo hoverboard. As you’ll be able to see for yourself, it is indeed a cool looking hoverboard that really stands out when compared to its competitors. It has an aggressive design and sharp lines, making up for an overall badass appearance.

Its looks are not everything this hoverboard can brag with. It has some wicked features as well. 8.5-inch wheels with rubber tiers can easily transport you over all types of terrain, including sand and mud. Not only that, but it is also quite bulky as well, providing you with some extra space for your feet which is something bigger people will greatly appreciate.

Coming up are the specifications of EpikGo. Unfortunately, it is somewhat shy in this department, ranking with just above-average performance. For instance, it can ride as fast as 8 miles per hour which barely surpasses Skque’s or Swagtron T models.

Still, the range looks better with more than 12 miles, depending on the weight of the user. All things considered, if you are looking for a premium hoverboard that’s easy to control and looks outright badass, then EpikGo is the right one for you!


While we’re still waiting on gravity-defying techno boards to zip around in, the current hoverboard market will have to do. As of now, this is still an evolving category with improvements happening on a monthly basis. Even though our listed boards don’t cruise as fast as a car or can’t last for days, they’re still reliable as a unique method of transport.

As cheaper options become available with the same performance standards, we expect hoverboards to grow in popularity, perhaps replacing other means of alternative transport.

Even though our listed boards don’t cruise as fast as a car or can’t last for days, they’re still reliable as a unique method of transport. As cheaper options become available with the same performance standards, we expect hoverboards to grow in popularity, perhaps replacing other means of alternative transport.

Overall, if you’re someone looking to buy an interesting gift for a friend or family member, it’s hard to go wrong with a hoverboard. Or, if you want a different way to get around, this is a nifty choice. It remains to be seen what kind of new boards we’ll see in the coming years, but it’s exciting all the same.

Features to be on the lookout for are better speeds, battery times, stability regarding terrain, and extra features that make owning a hoverboard seem more than a niche hobby. As for the dreams of a Back to the Future, well, future, we’re still waiting patiently.

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