Most Popular Hoverboards That Comes With LED Lights

As far the transportation goes, we’ve come a long way since riding on horseback. Trains, plains, glides; there’s really no shortage of means to get you from A to B. But still, until they come up with some sort of teleportation device, the race against space is not won.

The race may not be won, but the new track has begun, now that the safe hoverboards made their comeback and are now rapidly growing in popularity. This strange-looking, futuristic even, little segways took the world by storm. And no wonder too, since these innovative, hands-free, self-balancing scooters allow you some fun and easy driving both indoors and out.

Currently, we’re witnessing a boom in the hoverboard market. New developers are rising up, the features like LED lights in hoverboards are becoming the standard, and it indeed is a daunting task to pick yourself a new ride. And that’s where we come in, hoping that our 5 hoverboards with LED lights selection will be of help to you. Stay with us!

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Top7 Hoverboards with LED lights

7. Skque I1


I1 is the newest installment of the popular Skque hoverboards that have captured the hearts of many people all over the world. It sports great looks, outstanding build quality and more than competitive price (the entry model costs no more than $300) which are just some of the reasons behind its massive popularity lately.

It has passed those rigorous standardized tests and earned itself the infamous UL 2272 certificate which is one of the most important things you should look for when purchasing hoverboards. If the hoverboard you desperately want to buy doesn’t have one of these, you could easily end up throwing it away a lot sooner than you’d expect because its battery exploded and destroyed everything surrounding it.

Another great thing about these hoverboards in built-in Bluetooth speakers, capable of providing you with good quality sound. Although they are not that loud, you’ll be more than satisfied with the sound quality… unless you have your expectations way too high. Moving on to its specifications, you’ll be more than happy to find out it has more than 12 miles of range on a single full charge. Combine that with the top speed of cca 7-8mph and its aggressive price tag of only $300 and you’ll understand why it’s among the most popular hoverboards in recent times.


6. Swagtron T3


Following the model on our list of best hoverboards with LED lights comes from Swagtron. For those that find the previous model unsatisfactory, Swagtron prepared a solution called T3. Although very similar in terms of core specs, T3, different in design no doubt, comes with a handful of features that might be worth adding extra bucks for.

Let’s start with perhaps the most important one, the Bluetooth speakers. Now you can play your favorite music while maneuvering your way among the streets. Another addition that we begged mercy for is the carrying strap. It’s to be found underneath the board and is a very welcomed addition indeed. Remember how T1 came with 2 modes, one standard and one for beginners? Well, T3 adds yet another, a mode tailored for more advanced drivers.

On the downside, T3 is somewhat more heftily prized; it costs $100 more than its older brother T1. The prize is not entirely unjustified, but there’s some question about whether the new features are worth it.


5. Hoverzon XLS


They might be a new company, but they sure know how to make a decent hoverboard! The new Hoverzon has Bluetooth speakers to go with the new gear stabilization system.

The motor is split in two and now is beneath each wheel, thus increasing the overall stability of the ride. Also, thanks to this feature, the XLS is one of the best boards for angle riding; it handles climbs of up to 30 degrees with relative ease.

It seems that safety is the word for every hoverboard that hits the market nowadays, and the new Hoverzon takes this to another level. Building in a distinctive Aegis armor, the battery now comes with multi-layered protection. Speaking of battery, managing it has never been easier, as the LED display is well equipped for knowing exactly where you stand in terms of the power left.


4. Swagtron T1


As far as the features go, T1 is one of the best value-for-money units the money can buy. Tailored to both the segway newbies and experts alike, Swagtron T1 is equipped with one of the best batteries in the market, and it is among the fastest units out there. The 300-watt dual electric motor can run the maximum speed of 8Mph and leave many of its price range competition in the dust.

Fairly lightweight, T1 is a pleasure to ride. Its high responsiveness might be an issue at the start, but will be the reason for joy once you master the intricacies of segway cruising.

The one thing every hoverboard manufacturer has to wrestle with is safety, or rather, the perceived safety. Indeed, the early units were famous for all the wrong reasons, and the popular opinion, though largely untrue now, is still shifted towards thinking them unsafe. That’s why Swagtron has introduced a number of safety measures like the learning mode (limiting the max speed for beginners) to go with their models. On top of that, T1 is the company’s first UL certified unit, making it a completely safe purchase. All is not dreamy in the T1 land though, as the surface that’s not covered in bumper can be somewhat scratchy.


3. Powerboard by HOVERBOARD


Any product that boasts of being the best seller on Amazon must be worth our attention. Therefore, meet the Powerboard.

Indeed, probably the most popular self-balancing scooter out there, the Powerboard boasts of its sturdy build and the long battery life; by sturdy, we mean weighing 30lbs, and by long we mean the 6 hours of riding on a single charge! The battery goodies don’t stop there; once the built-in LED lights notify you that the 6 hours are almost up, your board is quick to recharge, taking less than an hour. The maximum speed of 7Mph is much appreciated, and the smooth acceleration is easily its most enjoyable feature. The board’s weight is accounted for by providing a bag for carrying, through a strap would also be nice.

The popularity of Powerboard has its price, as many knock-offs started to appear lately. But to tackle the imitators, and provide safety to its customers, Powerboard earned its UL certification, a proof that your board is not going up in flames anytime soon.


2. Razor Hovetrax 2.0


Building upon its predecessor, the new Hovetrax 2.0 is better than the old in almost every respect imaginable. Created by Razor, the company that knows what it’s doing, the improvements are marked by the introduction of the LED display, better battery, and greater speeds.

The unit’s main drawcard is its EverBalance system. Just as the name suggests, the new technology is an attempt to make the mounting and riding as smoothly balanced as possible. The top speed never reaches beyond 8Mph, and while that counts as decent, the battery life is far from it. It lasts only about 60 minutes, much less than that glowing 6 hours.

The building quality is top-notch, with the shatter-resistant plastic shell that’ll keep both you and the internal components safe. Adding to this, there are the new anti-slip foot pads, making Hovetrax an ideal choice of hoverboard for kids.

Being made by Razor is great, but the name also carries the burden of a somewhat higher price. But if you believe that the EverBalance’s extra safety is worth it, then, by all means, go for this one.




EpikGo hoverboard is among the newer models on the market. It brags with a premium design and let’s be honest, it has every right to do so! Why? Well, it is made out of top quality material and features great, big rubber tires capable of riding fluently regardless of terrain types. The hoverboard itself is pretty bulky, which means you’ll have more room for your feet, making it more stable and easier to control in the long run.

If something goes wrong and the hoverboard starts acting awkwardly, you don’t have to worry about expensive repairs because you’ll get a 1-year limited warranty. The company is based in Silicon Valley, which means you are bound to get a slick customer support experience who will deal with the issues in no time.

Specifications-wise, EpikGo is nothing short of brilliant. Clocking in at cca 8mph max speed, it is on par with its competition. Moreover, it excels at long-range being capable of more than 12-mile runs on a single charge (depending on the terrain type and the weight of the user). Speaking of weight, it’s important to add that this little fella can carry up to 240lbs of weight which should be enough for most people who don’t consider McDonald’s as their second home.


Final Thoughts

Each of these boards might not differ all that much in terms of the features. Opting for any of them will eventually come down to the personal preference and, most importantly, the distinctive feel each of them carries.

Having caught on just recently, hoverboarding is still a relatively new means of zipping your way through town. It might not be the fastest, might not be the shiniest, but it sure is the most fun of all. I hope you will like our list of “hoverboards with LED lights”.

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