Overview of 7 Hoverboards That Have Big Wheels

Hoverboards, one of the most popular tech gadgets this summer, come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. While colors obviously don’t affect their overall performances, their size does… drastically. So in this article talks about the Hoverboards that have big wheels.

As you already might know, the most common sizes are 6.5“, 8“ and 10“. This represents the wheel size and not the actual height of a particular machine. When it comes to performances, there are several differences between the smallest (6.5“) and the biggest versions of hoverboards for sale.

Key Differences Between Small and Big Wheels:

Most 10” hoverboards with wheels come with inflatable tires which means they will perform better on rough terrain when compared to their solid rubber counterparts. In addition to this, bigger machines and bigger wheels provide more comfort as well. Not only are they easier to control, but they will not put your legs to much strain during longer rides.

Smaller, 6.5” hoverboards tend to have better torque which makes them able to climb steep terrains more easily than their bigger counterparts, but that is not necessarily a good thing since falling down is much more frequent because of high torque.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at hoverboards that will provide you with enough comfort, safety, and stability in the long run – the big-wheel hoverboards!

7. Powerboard by HOVERBOARD

This particular hoverboard with big wheels is coming from a lesser-known manufacturer and, quite frankly, is not enjoying as much attention as it should be. We are talking about a top-class product with a fairly big wheel size – 8”. That is basically the sweet spot in between the smallest and largest versions, something that many customers will surely appreciate.

Top Speed :

When it comes to the specifications, Powerboard clocks in at around 6 miles per hour with a battery that can last for quite a bit. Its focal selling point is surely the fact that it can easily drift corners at full speed. In addition to this, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty which always comes in handy if there are any issues with the machine.

6. Swagtron T1 by Swagway

Swagway is a fairly new name in the hoverboard industry. So far, they have released 2 hoverboard models: the entry-level Swagtron T1 and its more advanced version Swagtron T3 (more on this one later on).

Top Speed :

Swagtron T1 can reach a top speed of over 8 miles per hour which makes it stand quite good against its competition. Even though it is quite fast, it cannot drift corners at full speed which is why some people might have a problem with it.

Battery :

Nevertheless, it has a quite powerful battery that can last up to 12 miles of road (riding it on rough terrain will drastically shorten its life span though). When you combine that with the fact that it takes less than 3 hours to fully charge it, you get yourself a solid hoverboard for quite a competitive price.

5. Hoverzon XLS

Hoverzon XLS is quite a beefy hoverboard that weighs in at around 28 pounds. It comes in a wide variety of colors ranging from black, white, blue and red which are the standard ones for most other hoverboards on the market, to pink and even gold which are not so common.

Top Speed :

This particular machine can reach speeds of up to 8 miles per hour. It is not exactly the fastest hoverboard out there, but, needless to say, it ranks fairly well against others on the market. If you don’t like going that fast on your hoverboard, there is a special training mode implemented that will limit your top speed. That’s the so-called training mode which will not only lower your speed but also greatly help you with stabilization and handling.

Features :

When I said this is a beefy machine, it was because of all the extra things that its makers packed into the final product. It features aegis armor – a multilayer battery protection, 5 level battery indicator, customizable LED lights and to top it all off – a built-in Bluetooth speaker that can connect to your smartphone… Because there’s nothing better to stroll down the street with your hoverboard while blasting your favorite tunes for everyone to hear!

4. Swagtron T3

As you can see above, we have already made our analysis for T3’s entry-level sibling – T1. Now, we are going to see why exactly should you go with the more expensive version of, basically the same, hoverboard.

Top Speed :

As is the case with T1, the Swagtron T3 can also go up to 8 miles per hour. In addition to that, it also can’t drift corners at full speed… So why exactly is it more expensive / better than T1? Well, there are a few key differences between the two, and we are going to lay them all on the table:

Key Differences :

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, difference between the two are their respective riding modes. T1 has normal mode along with a training one; while the T3 features an additional – advanced mode. This mode will allow you to fly past its 8 miles per hour speed limit and will give you much more freedom of movement with disabled stabilization and steering assistance.

In addition to this, T3 also has a carrying strap and a built-in speaker that connects to your smartphone. Not only that, T3 will get you the official Swagtron app for your smartphone which tracks your battery levels, route and lets you play music.

3. Skque X1

X1 line of hoverboards by Skque features a couple of fancy looking devices across several size factors. You can get either 6.5, 8 or even the bulky 10-inch models, whichever suits your needs the most. They come in a wide variety of colors. Needless to say, there’s definitely something for everyone.


These hoverboards are equipped with 2 powerful 350W motors, allowing it to easily reach up to 7.5mph of top speed. Skque did not compromise when it came to the battery and range either. Their X1 series have up to 12.5 miles of range on a single full charge, allowing you to enjoy your daily commute with style.


All of them come packed with awesome features among which are colorful LED lights. They are insanely bright and will surely be useful for those late-night strolls. In addition to the LEDs, these little buggers also come equipped with built-in Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to connect your smartphone to the hoverboard and play your favorite music on the go.


If you are looking for a premium quality hoverboards that have big wheels and that are big enough for a comfortable stroll down the street, then you cannot go wrong with the all-new EpikGo. It sports 8.5-inch wheels with rubber tires suitable for all-terrain rides. In addition to that, the hoverboard itself is rather big which will make up for a more stable ride by giving you plenty of space for your feet.

Top Speed

The top speed of this hoverboard is nothing special, especially compared to its competition. It rocks a solid 8 miles per hour which is more or less the industry standard at the moment. The maximum range is nothing special either, with roughly 10 miles of the casual ride. Still, it can reach more than 12 if it’s operated by a lighter person on great terrains such as clean roads.


As we already mentioned above, EpikGo features big wheels with rubber tires that have no difficulties going over grass, sand, dirt or even wet and muddy terrain. This is not only due to its rubber tires. The 400W dual motors play a big role here as well. Not only do they allow the hoverboard to reach the max speed of 8mph, but they also allow it to climb steep angles up to 18 degrees. LED lights are implemented as well, giving a fancy touch to a well-versed hoverboard that’s undoubtedly going to take over the market by storm.

1. Segway miniPRO

The absolute king among hoverboards, the Segway miniPRO excels at every aspect. Not only is this beast featuring 10.5” inflatable tires, which is far above most of its competitors, it also comes with an adjustable padded kneebar that will greatly help with both balancing and comfort alike. Those 10.5-inch pneumatic tires are doing a great job with shock resistance and rough terrain rides which means that the Segway miniPRO is a versatile machine well capable of handling sand, gravel, grass, etc.

Top Speed :

With its 10mph top speed and above 14 miles’ range, it is really a remarkable machine that fires well beyond its competition. When you combine these specifications with the fact that its frame is made with extremely durable and shock-resistant magnesium alloy, you will begin to understand why people are loving it so much.

Features :

In addition to all of the things mentioned above, the Segway miniPRO also features a sturdy safety alarm system, official iOS/Android apps that allow you to remotely control the machine via your smartphone, 16M RGB LED lights, 2 riding modes and so on…


Now that you know more information about Hoverboards with big wheels, I am sure you get the picture of why they are considered as the better option than their smaller counterparts. As I already said in the introduction, big wheels mean more comfort and stability… Big wheels can work on a wide variety of rough surfaces and are much easier to control, especially if you’ve just go your very first hoverboard.

With all this being said, if you know what’s best for you and your loved ones, you will consider buying one of those 5 Hoverboards with big wheels that are listed above.

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