5 Hoverboards That Come With Bluetooth

As you all might already know, hoverboards are a big thing nowadays. It all started with Back to the Future movie, when kids all over the world couldn’t believe their eyes after seeing a levitating skateboard. After that, the name hoverboard became a true legend and a true myth in pop culture. But still, even though today’s hoverboards with Bluetooth doesn’t actually levitate (a concept does exist but it requires magnetic skateparks and is not really that good in terms of efficiency), they still bear the name many of us dreamed of for decades. That’s probably one of the reasons behind their massive popularity.

Today, we are going to take a look at some of these modern-day hoverboard with lights and Bluetooth. More specifically, we are going to take a look at awesome hoverboards equipped with built-in Bluetooth. So, with this in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the best ones out there!

4. Skque I1


Moving onto the less expensive self-balancing scooter Bluetooth model, the Skque I1, we are coming to the business end of this article. This little bugger also comes in several different variants, just like its more expensive brother (the X1). Subjectively, the X1 looks a lot nicer with its sharp edges and stylized wheels. Don’t get us wrong, the I1 is still a nice looking model, but the X1, at least in our honest opinion, looks a tad bit better.

Now onto the objective parts of this hoverboard, it is important to note that just some (more expensive) variants of these hoverboards come with Bluetooth speakers and LED lights. With its top speed hovering around 8mph and its maximum range on a full charge going around 12 miles, needless to say, that it has pretty much the same specifications as the X1.

Here’s where things get interesting… The price difference between the I1’s with Bluetooth speakers and 6.5-inch X1 is slight, but it still does exist. This is due to the fact that I1’s only come with 6.5-inch wheels, whereas the X1 comes in several different size factors. Still, the entry model of I1 (without any fancy features such as LED lights and Bluetooth) costs significantly lower than the X1, so that could be the only big difference. In other words, the question is – are you willing to pay more for the X1 just for the better looks? Make sure you check both of the models out before making your decision. Why? Because X1 looks damn good and could be worth your money even if it’s only the looks you’re paying!


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3. Skque X1


The more expensive and better looking Skque’s hoverboard with lights and BlueTooth model, the X1, is taking the market by storm with great features and exceptional build quality. It comes in 3 different variants, ranging from 6.5 inches, 8 and even 10-inch versions. Just to make sure, we are talking about wheel sizes here, you perverted little…

When it comes to safety, you can’t get much better than the Skque X1 since it has successfully passed all tests and earned itself the infamous UL 2272 safety certificate. Feature-wise, you will get colorful LEDs and decent Bluetooth that you can easily connect to your smartphone. Keep in mind that they will, in fact, shorten your battery’s duration, so if you are planning on riding for longer destinations, you might want to listen to your music on your headphones.

Luckily, the 700W motors (350W x 2) are more than capable of giving this bad boy cca 8mph of top speed. Combine that with the 42000mAh battery that’s able to withstand up to 12 kilometers and you will definitely realize that Skque’s X1 is a great hoverboard worth checking out.


2. Hoverzon XLS


For roughly $450, you can get your hands on the upgraded version of Hoverzon’s S self-balancing scooter Bluetooth model. The XLS brings a couple of fancy features among which is its powerful Bluetooth speaker. Alongside it, it also sports anti. slip pedals for better comfort and LED movement indicators placed on both front and rear ends of the hoverboard. Riding this little fella is amazing. The anti-slip pedals really do their trick, especially combined with plenty of foot space. Both of them make up for a seamless riding experience that you will greatly appreciate in the long run.

Hoverzon’s exclusive Aegis Armor multilayer battery protection system makes sure your hoverboard doesn’t badly break after a couple of crashes and tumbles. It makes the overall build quality sturdier and gives an extra layer of quality to the hoverboard itself. As we already mentioned above, XLS comes with LED movement indicators, but in addition to them, it also features 5 levels of LED battery level indicators, something which the S version doesn’t have. While we’re talking about the battery, it is important to add that it can endure roughly 12 miles on a single charge. Moreover, its top speed clocks in at around 8 mph which is the industry standard at the moment.


1. Swagtron T3


Swagtron is a solid player in the hoverboard industry, with 3 excellent models suitable for pretty much everyone. Their T3 model is probably the most popular one. This is mostly due to the fact it sports LED headlights, battery indicators and amazing built-in Bluetooth that will let you enjoy your favorite songs while you’re swagging through the hood.

UL 2272 certificate was successfully obtained, meaning the Swagtron T3 is as safe as it gets. It’s quite a big hoverboard, but you do not have to worry about transportation because you are getting a carrying strap with the packaging. It will save you a ton of nerves in the long run, trust me.

Moving onto its specifications, Swagtron T3 doesn’t fail to deliver. With its top speed being 8mph, there is no doubt that it is on par with most of its competitors. The 11-mile range is not bad either, although we’re used to seeing 12 miles on most other similarly priced models.



Truth be told, there aren’t so many hoverboards with built-in Bluetooth available on the market. In fact, the most popular (and the most expensive) one, the Segway mini pro does not have them. But still, those of them who have this awesome feature are all great and are definitely worth checking out.

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