What’s The Best Place To Buy a Hoverboard?

You must’ve seen them somewhere no doubt; whether on TV with the celebrities trying their best to look as cool as humanly possible, or indeed zipping along the road in your neighborhood, hoverboards have become hot news in the world this summer. And it’s not too difficult to see why; these futuristic, uber-cool self-balancing scooters, on top of looking like something out of sci-fi movies, offer a great alternative to walking or driving. So, if you’re wondering where to buy a hoverboard, you came to the right place.

Still, in the early stages of its development, the technology behind hoverboards for sale is still somewhat short on the variety. Yes, now we got the units with LED lightsBluetooth speakers, different modes of driving, but deciding on the particular model isn’t all that demanding as with, say, cars. That’s why it’s monumentally more important how to get a hoverboard, that new shiny toy, instead of the actual model.

Yes, but where can I buy a hoverboard? Only one answer for you here – the right place is  Amazon. Read on to find out why.

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Catching Fire

Hoverboards had a bit of a tough ride when they first came out. They promised a hell of a ride while scooting around, and a hell of a ride they delivered, as the first boards were easy to explode for no apparent reason. It happened everywhere, anytime; whether at home charging, or in the middle of the drive, no one was sure why their lithium-ion batteries were so easy, and so unpredictable, to enflame. Stories of their flammability spread, headlines ensued, and the first hoverboards were bashed in public. The situation culminated when a number of US airlines forbid the early hoverboards to fly in their planes. It’s not that the planes were jealous that the hoverboards were getting all the headlines, but because the majority of the boards were deemed unsafe. And to protect your hoverboard scratches and damages you can also buy backpacks.

UL 2272 Certification; What Is It?


In short, it’s the test of a hoverboard’s safety – if a model is UL certified, that . That’s one of the reasons “Amazon” is the right answer to “Best place to buy a hoverboard?” question.

The year 2015 marked the glorious comeback of the hoverboards. The new models were much the same as their predecessors, but with one additional benefit – safety. These new swag was used trusted battery manufacturers like Samsung or LG and, selling like mad, attracted much wanted attention. But also the unwanted one. Seeing how popular hoverboards were, some companies, mostly China-based, started to make the imitations of the best-selling boards, and sell them for a significantly cut price. As you might’ve guessed, these knock-offs were not nearly as safe as the real-deal boards, and something surely had to be done. If you’re thinking how to get a hoverboard, don’t overlook safety. Go for UL2272 certified hoverboard!

Enter UL 2272, the single most reliable proof that your board isn’t going to blow upon you. The UL certification is the safety test that a hoverboard goes through prior to hitting the shelves and Amazon, the big retailer that the company is will only sell the units that have passed all the rigorous safety tests.

In a nutshell, you should follow Amazon’s policy: if it’s not UL certified, don’t have anything to do with it.

A Reputable Company

Certification aside, another reason to get your hoverboard through Amazon is the company’s hard-earned reputation of being the trusted retailer. That reputation wasn’t built overnight, it rather took years of service & discounts & refunds to get to a point where Amazon, today, is the retailer that most Americans are confident about. That’s one more reason why Amazon is the right place where can I buy a hoverboard question!

Trust Is the Word

Building a reputation is one thing, but keeping it up is a much more arduous task. However, Amazon has no intention of sinking, not one bit. It keeps its rep up by providing some excellent customer service and dealing only with the trusted sellers. The proof of this is already mentioned, Amazon will only sell the UL certified hoverboards. No compromises. Period.

Easier? Cheaper?

Yes, it’s both. With Amazon, you’re just a click away from getting your brand new self-balancing scooter. During the past years, Amazon has done everything in its power to make the shopping and shipping as convenient as possible. As for the prices, well, for someone who’s always on the lookout for the best discounts, we can safely say that Amazon always comes up with a decent cut. If you’re on a hunt for a new hoverboard, there’s always at least one on the Amazon that’s offered for a lower price. Speaking of price, we can’t help but mention the shipping charges. To get a hoverboard, going directly to the manufacturer will cost you both time and money, while Amazon takes it up and sends the package directly to your address, free of charge! And should you opt for its Prime service, the package you ordered will be at your doorstep within just 2 days!

The Biggest Online Retailer

It’s not always the case that just because something is bigger, it follows that it’s better. But with online shopping, where actual people decide to put their faith in one retailer or another, you can be damn sure that such is the case. Amazon, a beast that it is, beats its competition by some margin; if we put 10 of the company’s biggest competitors together, Amazon still beats them in terms of the articles sold. It’s that dominant.

Amazon Reviews

The reason why Amazon is so dominant isn’t the company itself, it’s rather you, the buyer. Every one of the manufacturers tries their best to present and, ultimately, sell their product. But the final word, the final decision on whether a product is any good, comes from the customer. Realizing that, Amazon features the best-in-class user reviews and forum, where you can team up with other people who bought the same product and discuss its pros & cons. Not until real people open up and actually try the product can you be sure that it delivers. And Amazon provides the perfect platform for sharing yours and reading other people’s opinions. overall Amazo is the best place to buy a hoverboard

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Ready for your very own hoverboard? Good, cause there are so many great models out there right now. Oh, and while you’re at it, go to the trusted retailer, you don’t want the pieces of it flying around. Remember that UL certification folks, it’s there for a reason.

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