Best Hoverboards With 8 Inch Wheels

As you already might know, hoverboards come in all shapes and sizes. Wheels tend to range from 6, 8 to 10 inches, all of them have different pros and cons. For example, the 6-inch (list of 6-inch hoverboards) wheels tend to have bigger torque while the 10-inch ones are able to spin on all types of terrain. The 8-inch hoverboards, on the other hand, can do pretty good across all terrain

types, while having pretty decent torque too. So, if you are interested in a great all-around best hoverboard with 8-inch wheels, then you should definitely take a closer look at these two:

2. Skque X1

We’ll start our list of 8-inch hoverboards with Skque’s X1. We are talking about a relatively new model which has not been on the market for too long. Despite that, it has already made a good name for itself and has made quite a few people satisfied with its outstanding performance.

Let’s start off by saying that it comes in several color/size variations. Colors-wise, you can get this little fella in red, blue, black and white; size-wise, it comes in 6.5, 8 and 10-inch versions. If you are looking for the 8-inch version, you will have to set aside roughly $450 for it, which is not that much considering all the awesome features it comes equipped with.

For starters, X1 comes with the UL 2272 safety certificate. In addition to that, it has an improved motherboard with a professional quality gyroscope that has the ability to provide you with exceptionally smooth ride time in and time out.

You’ll be happy to find out that this little fella features powerful built-in Bluetooth speakers as well. With its dedicated app (works with both iOS and Android devices) you’ll be able to connect your smartphone to your hoverboard and enjoy some of those fine tunes from your playlist while strolling down the neighborhood on your new toy…

And that stroll can last quite a while since the X1’s range exceeds the 12-mile mark. In addition to that, the top range of this piece of tech gadgetry is roughly 8mph, much lower than that of EpikGo. Despite having lower max speed, the X1 is competitively priced at a much lower price point that EpikGo. And, to an extent, both of these models are aimed at different audiences. While the EpikGo seems like a much more serious model, aimed primarily at people who are looking for a great alternative for their daily commute, the X1 is aimed at children who are looking for new ways to have fun and impress their friends.

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1. EpikGo

Let’s start off by saying that this best 8-inch wheels hoverboard looks pretty darn cool. It has a clean finish accompanied by the awesome build quality, and there is no doubt it will turn quite a few heads around once you set your feet on top of it.

Only 2 available colors though, black and white, which is something some of you won’t really like. But still, this hoverboard is not suited for children which is probably one of the reasons it only comes in b / w.

Truth be told, this model does not feature 8-inch wheels. Its wheels are 8-5 inches big, but that is such a small difference I doubt any of you would’ve noticed if I hadn’t told you just now. They’re made of solid rubber and are suitable for pretty much all terrains.

Grass, gravel, sand, dirt, you name it and this thing can ride on it! Mud? No problems since this little guy is IP56 rated for solidness and water resistance.

Another great thing about this hoverboard is its 1-year limited warranty that covers all parts and labor directly from the manufacturer. In other words, if you happen to stumble upon some issues with your new toy, simply contact the US-based customer support and they will deal with the issue quickly and effectively.

Moving onto the specifications of this hoverboard, you will be happy to find out that it is quite powerful. This comes as no surprise since it sports 400W dual motors and 44000mAh smart battery made by LG. They’ve made sure their battery is as safe and awesome as it can be.

The safety is guaranteed by the UL 2272 certificate while the awesomeness comes into play with its fast-charge technology. EpikGo’s battery can fully charge in less than 2 hours which is amazing!

And finally, we have to add that this hoverboard is able to go as fast as 10mph and can run at this speed for slightly more than an hour. making it effectively achieve up to 12 miles on a single full charge. Needless to say – premium specifications for a premium price!


And there you have it, guys. Those were the 2 best hoverboard with 8-inch wheels that you can currently find on the market. As you could see for yourself, both models are exceptional and possess great features that some of you will greatly appreciate.

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