Best Hover Kicks shoes

Hover shoes, a self-balancing motorized shoe, are quite popular among various countries. They are the best self-balancing shoe with high-quality components. Hover shoes have grabbed their place in the technological world just a little time back. This latest invention has launched in May 2018. The totally new hover shoes are cantered on advanced technology. However, their look is designed quite similar to traditional skating shoes. 

Hover shoes are very fun to ride. Laced with electric motor wheel, customized features and self-balancing function they provide a blend of several technologies that are proven to be handy and useful. 

How do Hover shoes work

The two motorized shoes are very smooth and easy to ride. With creative and stylish designs and quality material hover, shoes are made keeping up safety and convenience in mind. They are effectively conspicuous for their look, nature of materials, and style. The hover shoes make you progressively equipped for doing the stunts and tricks. Now before we discuss how does hover shoe work lets first understand its technical makings. 

Best Hover Kicks shoes
Riders weight limit80-90 kgs or 176 lbs (approx.)
Power of the motor250 wats (each)
speed8 km/hour (max)
Power of battery54 w (each)
Charging time1.5 hours (approx.)
Net weight3.2 kgs or 6lbs (each)
Tire’s diameter3.5 inches
Charging input & outputAC 100-220v / 29.4v*1A
Dimensions8.9″ (L) x 6.1″ (w) x 4.4″ (H) each

Unlike the hoverboard, hover shoes are two separated balancing shoes pretty much flexible and lighter in weight. The wheels in hover shoes are much smaller then compared to the one in a hoverboard. 

The designing of hover shoes is basically like two articulated pads placed upon two motorized wheels separately. The rider places their feet upon the articulated pads in order to ride the hover shoes. The speed is controlled by leaning forward and backward whereas, directions are controlled by twisting the articulated pads. The shoes are built waterproof. 

Hover shoes are made up of a very similar technology like a hoverboard but due to some significant advancement hover, shoes are stated safer in self-balancing function. The latest technology in hover shoes supports a more stable performance. Arriving in a lightweight and commonplace skating shoe plan, the hover shoes are intended to give improved versatility and simple inclining for new learners. It is to learn for first-timers, making it conceivable to ride it in the first hour of learning.

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With some accompanying cool drove lights and other astonishing highlights, hover shoe gives increasingly fun and adaptability. It additionally accompanies a split plan which makes it convenient to ride two or even one shoe.

With such cool and amazing features & abilities hover shoes are enjoying some massive adoption across the world. There is nothing to surprise when you witness hover shoes becoming the coolest and trendy gadget across the world. There are plenty of hover shoes available in the online market. Some of the best hover shoes for sale can be found at Not only the best price but you can also get to know about a few other varieties of hover shoes. You can find the best combination of power and safety at fair prices. 

Some additional features of hover shoes

With a number of advancements, the first thing a buyer would look for is safety. First, let’s start discussing its safety.

  1. SAFETY: Hover shoes are certified and are passed safely from any potential fire hazards. It has passed all testing requirements of national standards of electrical safety. Along with this, hover shoes are FC & CE approved.
  2. POWER: The power of hover shoes can be guessed along with their performance. However, Hover shoes are equipped with 250 watts motor which is capable of providing a speed of 8-10 km per hour. This combination of power along with safety is quite reassuring in itself. 
  3. CHARGING: Hover shoes contain seven Lithium-ion batteries with the power of 54 watts each. These batteries take around 1.5 to 2 hours to get fully charged with the charging input of AC 100 to 220 watts and the output of 29.4v*1A. 
  4. PORTABILITY: Hover shoes come along with a bag (cover) which makes it very convenient to carry with you wherever you go. Most of the hover shoes are even allowed to be taken via air travel. Such hover shoes come along with an Airline approved the certificate. 
  5. PERFORMANCE: The non-slip and ergonomic footplates give certain and strong balance which can bare 22 to 286 lbs easily. It turns and twists at sharp endings which give the rider a vastly improved approach to control the Hover shoes.
  6. WATERPROOF: With the IP65 waterproof body hover shoes are very convenient to carry and use at any weather condition. The footplates are also built up with a waterproof panel which is easy to control and use over a wet surface too. 
  7. LED LIGHTS: Hover shoes are laced with 3 color led lights which are also one of the main attractions of them. These 3 colors are red, green and blue. Every color indicates a particular action that the rider performs through the hover shoes. 
  8. However, along with power and compatibilities also comes many cons which we will discuss later in this article. 

Five best hover shoes/ hover skates to buy in 2020-2021

Best Hover Kicks shoes
Best Hover Kicks shoes
  1. KOOHWEEL electric roller skates hover shoes:  This very popular hover shoes amongst the youth comes with led lights and is quite a talk between youngsters because of its stunning looks and incredible performance. KOOHWEEL are very safe and sophisticated hover shoes which has passed all the safety UL2272 tests. The shoes are safe from any kind of electric hazards and threats for riders.  They are very easy to charge and the battery gets full in a time span of 2 hours approx. The led lights in KOOHWEEL also indicate as green means fully charged, yellow means it has less than 30% power and red means it has less than 10% power. Their silicon foot pedals with an anti-skid layer ensures the safety of the riders. 
                PROS             CONS
Provide a good control to the riderThe engine can heat up if the hover shoes are charged for a long time.
Passed all the safety checks and quality checksThe motor and engine can heat up if hover shoes are used for a long time.
LED lights which work as a power indicator and also gives hover shoes a smart look
Once charged they can go almost 10 km
Best Hover Kicks shoes
Best Hover Kicks shoes
  1. OULV KOOHWEEL Electric hover shoes: OULV KOOHWEEL is a brilliant hover shoe. With modern and premium model OULV KOOHWEEL are widely available in the market under $500. Likewise, many other hover shoes it also has passed several safety tests and are also safety certified.  With 2-3 hours of charging it goes up to 8-9 km. OULV hover shoes can bear weight up to 250 pounds and come with a warranty of 1 year which covers parts from the manufacturer.
                PROS              CONS
Can be used for 8-9 km once charged fullyDo not come with led lights which makes it look quite simpler than other hoverboards
The engine does not heat up quickly.It Is available only in a single color black.
comes with a waterproof shield which makes it convenient to be used at any surface.
Passed all safety and quality check under UL2272.
Best Hover Kicks shoes
Best Hover Kicks shoes
  1. SEGWAY drift W1 hover shoes: SEGWAY drifts W1 comes with a beautiful visual with its inverted triangle appearance. Black and white in color it’s of a very simple but fresh look. It comes with a damage protection shield and rubber bumpers at the front and rear to protect the product. SEGWAY drift W1 has a very high performing powerful motor. Each of the shoe’s weights 3.5 kgs/ 8 pounds (approx.). One of the best features of SEGWAY drift W1 is that it fully packed in magnesium alloy and with a brilliant battery management system these hover shoes are prevented and safe from being overheated. Equipped with the world-class quality it can work at a top speed of 7.5 km per hour.
                      PROS                  CONS
Comes with a waterproof shield that makes it convenient to ride at any surfaceLow battery life
Comes with led lightsComparatively low speed than other hover shoes
Its magnesium alloy body gives it a very cool and smart lookDoes not connect with Bluetooth or any other mobile connectivity
Extremely light weighted and easy to carryCan be unsuitable for road ridings
Best Hover Kicks shoes
Best Hover Kicks shoes
  1. GYRO electric Hover shoes: GYRO is the latest technology introduced in 2019. It is very easy to use and control by movements on the footboard. It allows you to stand and dance at any free posture you want. it includes non-slip foot space texture, it allows confidence to the rider. only 2-3 hours of charging it gives you the range of 10 km and gives the feeling of safety on every road condition. With led lights, it gets easy even while riding in the darks. With a world-class level of safety, it is GYRO electric hover shoes has [assed all the necessary safety tests for shoes, battery and its motor.
                    PROS                  CONS
UL certified, FC & FE approved and passed safety test for every possible fire hazardTakes 3 hours to get fully charged which is comparatively higher than other hover shoes
Comes with led lights which makes it look more appealing 
Light-weighted and easy to carry.
Comes at an affordable price
Can go up to 10kms once charged fully.
Best Hover Kicks shoes
Best Hover Kicks shoes
  1. MAGIC hover electric hover shoes: Introduced in 2019 the MAGIC ELECTRIC hoverboard has a 350-watt motor in each shoe. With 2-3 hours charging it has a 10km range. It has non-slip footplates that provide good support and is easy and safe for riding.  Its powerful yet portable and convenient designing and technology make it popular amongst every generation. Like every other hover shoe, the MAGIC hovers electric hover shoes are also safety certified and has passed almost every safety test and standards.
Best Hover Kicks shoes
                    PROS                   CONS
Launched in 2019 it has some latest technology compared to many other hover shoes.Takes up to 3 hours to get fully charged which is quite much from other hover shoes.
Easy to operate by leg movements and body balanceAvailability issues. 
Goes up to 10kms once charged fully
Has passed all UL2272 testing requirement which makes it safe to ride

As we discussed almost heating due to overcharging or continues road riding for long hours is similar to many hover shoes of different brands. Although, this disadvantage can be eliminated with safer and smarter use. Also, riders’ safety is totally dependent upon self-safety majors such as safety gears (helmet, knee guards and elbow guards). 

Almost all people from every generation have a fan base for hover shoes. While going office or exploring any place hover shoes are the go-to gadget. In countries like the US and UK, the craze for hover shoes is rising day by day. People are crazing over developing technology and investing an unlimited number of dollars over it. 

It’s an absolutely new encounter that feels increasingly like roller-skating with the opportunity to speed around freely. 

There is additionally a distinct cool factor about them. Hoverboards are old news, yet individuals appear to be unendingly intrigued with hover shoes. They truly are the following stage in the transformative procedure for these kinds of gadgets. 

Hover shoes are simpler to learn and more secure than hoverboards with significantly increasingly fun. hover shoes are made for the most part out of metal and feel extremely strong with have a lot of intensity for indoor use and are fantastically simple to ride because of their self-adjusting highlight.

Hover shoes can price between $200 to $2000 dollars depending upon the model, brand, and technology. Also, many handy hover shoes ranging around $500 are quite much available in the market.


All in all, hover shoes are one of the best gadgets presents in the market. These Self-balancing motorized shoes are easy to carry and come with a bag to carry. Once you learn to ride them, they can prove to be very convenient.  Laced with the latest technology hover shoes came into the market just in the year 2018. 

Hover shoes are gaining a massive space amongst people of every generation. However, with a lot of popularity and convenience, it also has its equal share of cons. Considering every good and bad hover shoe are one of the best gadgets to purchase and can be maintained with ease

Hover shoes are the self-balancing motorized shoes that function through the twist, turns, and movements of the rider’s feet.

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