3 Best All Terrain Hoverboards You Can Buy in 2019

Hoverboards are a huge hit, but of course, everybody knows that by now. They took the market by storm and are not planning on stepping down any time soon. The reason behind this is the ever so popular movie series Back to the Future, responsible for this huge summer hit.

Even though our hoverboards aren’t exactly hovering, they are still great commodity and are bound to provide you with a ton of quality time… Especially if you are looking for all terrain hoverboards. They are characterized by greater endurance, superior build quality and huge wheels with pneumatic rubber tires that won’t have any issues with various types of terrains.

With that being said, I want to proudly present to you my best All terrain hoverboards list! It features only 3 models, but you will find plenty of information regarding each and every one of them. Specifications, build quality, riding experience, I got it all covered. Now, I will stop with the introduction and jump straight to business!

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3. Jetson V8


Jetson’s V8 is a brand new hoverboard available for purchase. It sports a beautiful design that breathes quality at every corner. From the first look, you will immediately notice that this is a hoverboard intended primarily for grown-ups. There is no flashy colors or anything like that – just pure blend of matte and gloss black with a couple of gray additions on the very bottom.

It includes LED lights on both sides and features powerful 400W dual motors with independent gyroscopes. As a matter of fact, it kind of looks like EpikGo, but a bit more sophisticated in its own right. The wheels are also 8.5 inches big, just like those on EpikGo, allowing for a smooth ride on all terrain types.

Moving onto the features, you’ll be happy to be informed that the V8 has built-in Bluetooth speakers that allow you to play your favorite tunes on the go. They are insanely powerful, unlike anything we’ve had the chance of seeing so far on a hoverboard.

As was the case with EpikGo, the V8 is also UL 2272 certified, which is always a good thing. In addition to that, it is also worthy of mentioning that this little fella has its own app which you can use to control the speed (it has 3-speed modes), play music and check the battery level. While we are talking about battery, you will definitely be happy with its 10 miles of range.

Combine that with the top speed of up to 10 mph, and you will definitely remember this model as the probable choice for your purchase!


2. Halo Rover


Bluetooth speakers are here as well, although they are not as powerful as those on Jetson’s V8. It also has its own dedicated mobile app that does all the basic things such as speed control, battery level checking and playing music. It’s a bit more intuitive than that of V8, which is always nice to know. The biggest addition in comparison with the first 2 hoverboards in this list is surely the carry case. It is made out of quality materials and will prove to be a useful way more than you’ll initially think it will be.

Not only that, but you will also get a 1-year limited warranty, meaning you do not have to worry about your hoverboard breaking or anything like that. Even though the chances of this thing breaking during the first year are really small, if something like that happens, the manufacturer will cover all expenses so you can sleep without worrying.

And finally, there’s just one more thing to add about this hoverboard and that’s the specs. They are pretty much identical to those of the V8 and EpikGo, but nevertheless, we are here to state them: 10mph of top speed and cca 10 miles of range. That’s the industry standard in this price range, and it is quite spectacular considering you are getting a fully-fledged all-terrain hoverboard.


1. EpikGo


This list starts off with EpikGo, an incredibly powerful hoverboard for a moderate price tag of roughly $900. It is a pretty big model that features huge 8.5-inch rubber wheels capable of rolling on all terrain types, from gravel to sand and mud. Nothing is an issue when you are riding on the Epik.

Moving over to the build quality, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Even though at first glance, it does not look so sturdy, when you take it into your own two hands, you will simply feel the build quality. It even has the mighty UL 2272 certificate meaning you don’t have to worry about it catching on fire or anything like that.

Specifications are absolutely lit too. It features a powerful LG battery that is capable of lasting 1 hour at top speed. While we are talking about speed, it is important to add that the powerful 400W dual motors enable it to climb steep slopes at around 18 degrees. In addition to that, the motors are responsible for the top speed of whopping 10 mph, making it one of the fastest All terrain hoverboards currently available.

And finally, we have to mention the riding experience as well. As you could’ve guessed it yourself, stability and comfort are great. This is, of course, achieved due to the huge frame of the hoverboard itself which will provide you with plenty of foot space meaning you won’t get all cramped up during prolonged periods of use. The EpikGo rides smooth, even on the roughest of terrain, making it the perfect all-terrain hoverboard that you can find!



I am afraid we have come to the end. These were the best 3 all terrain hoverboards models that are perfectly suitable for off-road use. If you are planning on going off-road with any other model on the market, I am not saying it’s impossible, but keep in mind that it will be extremely difficult.

These 3 all have huge wheels and big pneumatic tires, allowing them to maximize the stability and ride seamlessly through all types of terrain such as dirt, gravel, grass and even sand. If off-road hoverboarding is your thing, then you cannot go wrong with any of these 3 models.

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