About us

As you could have noticed from our humble website, we are quite the hoverboard enthusiasts. Being huge fans of the Back to the Future movie series, such enthusiasm comes as no surprise. Even as little kids, we dreamed of these levitating skate-like machines and were hoping we could get our hands on them at some point in our lives. Well, with the huge technology advances in recent times, we have gotten the chance to ride our own hoverboards.  Truth be told, today’s hoverboards aren’t exactly levitating, but they are still cool nonetheless, and as you can see – they managed to fuel our passion with ease.

It all started about a year ago when 3 college friends decided to gather up some money in order to buy their first-ever hoverboard. Of course, we opted for the brand new (at that time) Powerboard by Hoverboard which cost a hefty amount of money. Needless to say, we were thrilled with it so we decided to buy 2 more. And that’s pretty much how we started. After acquiring our 5th hoverboard, we decided to make this page and help other people who would like to buy a hoverboard.

The market can be quite confusing for beginners and / or people who don’t know anything about them.  That’s where we step in with our lists. Each and every one of them was carefully created in order to help those who are looking to buy a brand new toy for themselves. We are not outsourcing our articles to third party companies – we write all articles all by ourselves. It takes quite a bit of time to research and gather all this information, but in the end – we believe it is all worth it. We do not consider this website as our job, we consider it our passion. Passion for awesome hoverboards.