5 Best Hoverboards Below $300

Hoverboards often tend to get quite expensive. You’ll have to set aside more than $500 for one of those premium models. But still, despite that, you can get quite decent alternatives for as little as $300. Today we’ll talk about hoverboards under $300. Hoverboards in this price range might not have all those fancy features you’re used to seeing with more expensive models, but nevertheless, they are able to do their job quite well. We’ll see what’s the best hoverboard under $300. There is no doubt they will provide you with a lot of fun time. At the end of the day, you won’t even notice that they were cheaper than the premium ones because of the quality fun time they will provide you with.

3. Koo Hoverboard


Another outstanding hoverboard that has passed the rigorous UL 2272 tests is coming to us straight from Koo. While they are a virtually unknown hoverboard manufacturer, their model has a couple of aces up its sleeves that could make it quite interesting to potential buyers.

For starters, its battery takes a ridiculous amount of time to charge – a maximum of 2 hours. This is awesome, especially considering the fact that many of the more expensive ones have charging times of more than 3 hours. Still, its riding range is 10mls. While that’s maybe not that bad, the maximum speed is. It goes up to 6mph which is absurdly low, even for such a cheap hoverboard. The only real use of such low speed is for little kids. You wouldn’t want them to get badly hurt while playing with their new toy. All in all, Koo Hoverboard has a good build quality, colorful LED lights (we almost forgot about those), and great charging time… the only real downside is its low maximum speed. It wouldn’t hurt if it was 1 or 2 mph higher.


2. Skque I1


Moving onto the third hoverboard in this list, we present you with Skque’s I1 model. It is their cheapest hoverboard ever, but it still packs quite the punch. Truth be told, the price of this model can range from $300 to even $500, depending on which particular hoverboard you choose. You can pick between the standard version which costs somewhere around $300 and the premium one which costs close to $500. The latter comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker along with LED lights, while the standard version does not possess any of these features.

When it comes to the actual build quality and specifications, there is no doubt that this little fella has the stuff to spice up your day. With more than 12 miles of range and cca 8mph max speed, this hoverboard is actually on par with some of those with the premium tag on them. All variations of this hoverboard are UL 2272 certified, and all of them have the same specs. The only difference between them is, as we already mentioned above, the presence of LED lights and Bluetooth speakers that are available on the more expensive version.


1. Swagtron T5


The first hoverboard in this list is Swagtron’s T5 model. It is the newest model in Swagtron’s lineup, with T1 and T3 being its more expensive predecessors. You will not find many features with this one but it is priced at no more than $250, such a fact does not come as a surprise to us.

Still, the T5 is a well-versed hoverboard with decent specifications. Even though its biggest strength is definitely its low price, it still has a lot to prove to everyone who ends up buying it. For example, this little fella is the cheapest hoverboard with the UL 2272 certificate, meaning it won’t cause sparks, catch on fire or anything like that. It’s completely safe as long as you use it as you should.

In addition to the certificate, it also features a protective SentryShield system that provides the hoverboard’s battery with an extra layer of safety, making it more withstand more crashes and tumbles. When it comes to T5’s specifications, that’s where the budget cuts are most present. With cca 7mph of top speed and 7-mile range, it is pretty clear that it is not a premium model. Still, if you are looking to buy a great hoverboard for your little ones and you don’t want to spend a whole bunch of money on one, then Swagtron’s T5 could be the right one for you!


Well, guys, we are sorry to inform you that only these 3 hoverboards fit within the $300 price tag. Still, if you want a cheap hoverboard alternative, here are 2 more models that are slightly over the $300 mark.

Hoverzon S


If you are looking for an awesome compact hoverboard with awesome characteristics and a moderate price tag, then you should definitely look into Hoverzon S. We are talking about a beautiful hoverboard that has all you could ask for, and does so at a very affordable price of cca $350. So, for just $50 above our $300 mark, this little fella offers 11 miles of range and cca 8mph top speed which could both be considered as the standard numbers in the industry. It features powerful 250W motors that are equipped with gear stabilization which works even at high speeds.

Moving onto its features, you will be happy to find out it has LED battery indicators along with dedicated LED headlights, both of which will drastically improve your overall riding experience, especially during night time. When it comes to safety, Hoverzon S has you covered with its UL 2272 certificate which means it cannot be any safer than it already is. In addition to everything we have stated about this hoverboard so far, it is important to add that it sports 2 riding modes. One is focused primarily on beginners while the other one is meant for more experienced hoverboard riders. All things considered, for a humble price of only $350, Hoverzon S has everything a great hoverboard should have!


Powerboard by Hoverboard


And the second hoverboard that is slightly above our $300 mark is coming straight from the company Hoverboard (kind of a funny name for a company that manufactures Hoverboards, right?). As you can see above, it is called Powerboard and believe it or not, it has quite a few great things about it that could be interesting to you as the potential buyer.

First off, it has the infamous UL 2272 certificate. As we already mentioned a couple of times before, this certificate is there to prove this hoverboard is as safe as possible. It will not explode, catch on fire, produce sparks or anything similar. In addition to the extra safety, Powerboard has fairly good characteristics as well. They are nothing amazing, but they are more than good enough for such a cheap model. With cca 7mph of top speed and 10 miles range, you should be set up for your daily commute without any problems. And finally, we forgot to mention there is also a nice little addition to this hoverboard that some of you will greatly appreciate. It comes with a limited 1-year guarantee so you can contact their US-based customer support during that period if you are to encounter any issues with your new toy.



And now, at the very end of this article we hope you found what’s the best hoverboard under $300, we would like to thank you for reading it. With that being said, we hope these 5 models left a good impression on you. We carefully picked them out due to their awesome price/performance ratio, and as such, we sincerely think they’re amazing budget options.

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