10 Hoverboards That Are Suitable For Kids + Accessories

10 Hoverboards That Are Suitable For Kids + Accessories

As we are approaching the start of December, it is becoming clearer to everyone that the Holiday season is just around the corner. With Black Friday already behind us, you really don’t have much time to pick out the best presents for your little ones. Luckily, we got you covered! Below this introductory paragraph you will find a list of the, by far,  top hoverboards for kids, all of which are currently available on the market. Why are they great for kids? Well, some of them have special learning modes, some of them come with sleek features like Bluetooth speakers, LED lights and whatnot, and some of them are simply easy to ride around. So, without further adue, let’s take a closer look into them and see what’s the best hoverboard for kids so we don’t bore you to death with the introduction.

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9. Swagtron T5

swagtron-t5T5 is their newest model and it represents a great opportunity for people who are on a strict budget since it costs under $300. It’s a proper bargain, especially if your little ones are dreaming about having a hoverboard. Truth be told, such a modest price tag has some cutbacks. But then again, it would be surprising if it did not.

Forget about LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, battery indicators and all that fancy stuff. This $250 hoverboard features only the essentials. Despite that, it still has a solid build quality accompanied by the SentryShield system that adds an extra layer of protection to the battery. Moreover, its specifications aren’t exactly on par with some of the more expensive models out there. It has a top speed of 7mph and can last for about an hour, meaning you will get cca 7 miles of range on a full charge. Do you think this is the best hoverboard for kids?



8. Skque X1

skque-x1Moving on to the second Skque’s model on this list – the very popular X1 electric scooter for kids. It comes in 4 colors: black, white, red and blue. Additionally, it also comes in 3 different size factors. You can get your X1 with 6.5, 8 and 10-inch wheels. As you already might know, the bigger the wheels are, the hoverboard will perform better on rough terrain. So with that being said, if you plan on riding your hoverboard mostly across your backyard, then you might as well choose the 10-inch version. You can thank me later!

Unlike some of I1’s versions, al X1’s feature LED lights and powerful Bluetooth speakers that will give you an extra dose of swag and allow you to listen to your favorite beats on the go. When it comes to the specs of this model, it’s nothing breathtaking. Both its top speed and range are just like we are used to see with most other models. Top speed is 8mph and the range goes around 12 miles, depending on the weight of the user.



7. Swagtron T3

swagtron-t3The second Swagtron’s model in this list is the T3. It has a couple of well-placed changes that make it rank better than its brother – T1. Its price is a bit higher, but it has a bunch of extra features that justify it completely.

The main feature that is not available with T1 is surely the Bluetooth speaker. In addition to the speaker, we also have battery indicators which are not present with the T1. Moreover, you will also get a carrying strap and an additional riding mode. As we already stated above with the T1 review, it features 2 modes – 1 for beginners and 1 for regular users. T3 features a 3rd mode designed specially for more experienced users, giving them more room to show off their skills.  Specifications-wise, it lasts up to 11 miles and has top speed of 8mph, exactly the same as those of T1.



6. Skque I1

skque-l1I1 is one of the newest additions to Skque’s lineup of top quality hoverboards. Not only does it come in several different colors, but also in several differently priced versions. 3 of them, to be more precise. Barebone version, Bluetooth version and Bluetooth LED version. As you could have guessed by yourself, the barebone version doesn’t come with any fancy features; the Bluetooth one comes with decent quality Bluetooth speakers (and is priced a bit higher than the entry model), while the ultimate version comes with both the Bluetooth speakers and colorful LED lights.

Specifications-wise, this little fella is more than able to deliver.  Its top speed clocks in at around 7.5mph which is not half bad, really close to 8mph which is considered to be the industry standard. On the other hand, its battery is great as it allows the hoverboard to reach 12+ miles on a single charge. Unfortunately, the charging will take a bit of time, 3-5 hours on average. With this being said, it would be a good thing to buy an extra battery pack so you can ride your hoverboard and charge the other battery in the meantime.



5. Swagtron T1

swagtron-t1Swagtron’s T1 model can be found for as cheap as $350, making it widely affordable electric scooter for kids. This is probably among the reasons for its great popularity. Truth be told, it has lowered a bit, especially since the release of its successor – the Swagtron T5.

Still, T1 has a lot to offer at a relatively cheap price. With this in mind, it is important to add that it has been UL 2272 certified meaning it passed a lot of safety tests and that it is completely safe to use. Moreover, it has quite a powerful battery that’s capable of enduring up to 11 miles range on a single charge. Additionally, the battery is protected by an exclusive Swagtron SentryShield security system that keeps it safe from shocks, tumbles and crashes.

This little fella also features gear stabilization with improved downhil traction. Moving onto its top speed, you’ll be happy to know it can go as fast as 8 miles per hour. That speed should be enough to satisfy your needs as you won’t find faster models with a similar price tag to them. In addition to all of the above, it is also important to add that the T1 is rather responsive and overall incredibly easy to control. Even first time users will get a grasp on the controls without much difficulty.



4. Powerboard by Hoverboard

powerboard-by-hoverboardPowerboard by Hoverboard has been on the market for quite a long time. During this period, they have captured the hearts of many, and it comes as no surprise since we are talking about a pretty good hoverboard.

Let’s start off by saying it is UL 2272 certified meaning it won’t overheat or produce fire or any sparks. Additionally, it’s made by a US based company with great customer support. This is a good thing since you get a one-year limited warranty. In other words, if you have any issues with your device you can simply give their customer support a call and they’ll fix it for you ASAP.

Even though it is extremely easy to use and children will have no problems with it, it has a huge downside. The maximum speed of this hoverboard is only slightly more than 6.5mph, making it among the slowest ones on the market. Still, that’s not necessarily a bad thing since it is primarily aimed at kids. You wouldn’t want your kids to be riding their hoverboards too fast in the first place, right?



3. Hoverzon S

hoverzon-sIf you are looking for a rather cheap hoverboard that is still able to deliver a fun experience for your entire family, then you’re looking for Hoverzon S. This pretty little fella will set you back for roughly $350 which is dirt cheap for a good hoverboard. It is UL 2272 certified and has LED battery indicator which is always a good thing to have.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, Hoverzon S also has pretty good specifications that wouldn’t be a downside to some of the more expensive models out there. With the top speed of 8mph and cca 11 miles range, this little guy can serve as a good alternative for your daily commute.

Ease of use has been the focal point when Hoverzon was making this model. That’s why it’s loaded up with 2 riding modes, one for more experienced users and one for kids. With these modes, your children will quickly learn the basics of controlling it. After that, nothing is going to stand in their way!



2. Segway miniPRO

segway-mini-proSegway’s miniPRO hoverboard has been amazingly successful throughout its time on the market and has made its way into thousands of households worldwide. There are several reasons behind this, but the main one is the pure quality of the hoverboard itself and the accessories that come with it.

It sports 10.5-inch pneumatic tires that are marketed to possess military grade shock absorption capabilities. They are outstanding across all types of terrain. You will not have to worry about mud, sand or any type of rough terrain – this little fella has it all covered! Moving onto its specifications, there is no doubt the miniPRO is outstanding in all aspects. It’s 1600W motors enable it to travel at 10mph. At such speed, the hoverboard can easily reach more than 14 miles on full charge, making it the longest traveling hoverboard on the market.

It comes with a nice little accessory as well – the padded knee bar, which allows you to control the hoverboard with ease. In addition to this, some other features are also worth mentioning. Features such as customizable LED lights, full app control (supports both Android and iOS devices), and a personal anti-theft alarm system that will inform you if someone tries to move your hoverboard. All things considered, if you are looking for the real deal when it comes to hoverboards, and you are willing to spend some extra money for it, we don’t see any valid reason not to go for the Segway miniPRO.



1. EpikGo

epikgoWe are starting this list off with two of the best (and most expensive) hoverboards currently available on the market. The first is EpikGo, the newest contestant to combat Segway’s domination in the industry. Truth be told, there are a lot of great things about this hoverboard, making it a fair battle between the two.

For starters, it has been UL 2272 certified meaning it is as safe as it can be. Underneath the hood, you will find a smart battery made by LG. Not only is it powerful enough to provide the hoverboard with slightly more than an hour of juice (more or less, depending on the user’s weight).

Additionally, it is equipped with Fast-charge technology, allowing it to fully charge in less than 2 hours. Alongside that, its powerful 400W dual motors make it go extremely fast, cca 10mph. Add 2 and 2 and you’ll realize this hoverboard can travel more than 10 miles on a single charge. Realistically, it can get up to 12 if the rider isn’t close to the maximum load of 240lbs.



Useful accessories

Now that you have taken a closer look at the 9 best hoverboards suitable for children, it is time to dwell into a couple of handy accessories. You’ll be surprised when you first take a glance at them. They are quite handy and will surely spark up your imagination and convince you to buy them. Some of them offer extra fun, some of them provide you with more comfort while other are safety-oriented. Nevertheless, here they are:

GoKart Attachment

hover-go-kartThis is something your little ones will surely enjoy. This little thing can instantly turn your hoverboard into a proper GoKart. It is very easy to install and you’ll be good to go in no time at all. It is fully height-adjustable as well, meaning both children and grown men can use it. Take control into your own two hands, literally. It features hand control with 2 bars, 1 on each side. Sure, it will take some time to adapt to this new control scheme, but it is rather intuitive and you’ll master it before you say GoKart!




protective-gearAnd lastly, protective gear! If your hoverboard has layers of protection to keep it alive for a prolonged period of time, it’s only fair that your children have the same privilege as well. These protective safeguards offer an extra level of protection for your little ones, keeping them safe from possible injuries that might occur if they are to fall from their hoverboard. They are not that expensive and are a must if your children spend the majority of their time riding their new toy.




Well, I’m afraid that’s about it. Those were the most awesome hoverboards for kids of all ages. They are bound to provide them with countless hours of pure fun. There’s no doubt you will want to try them out for yourself. If you happen to like them, there’s a small chance you might pick one up for yourself. Trust me – with a great hoverboard, daily commutes will never be the same again!


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